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In a legislative meeting or assembly, there is always one member of the assembly who is voted in as the speaker. The speaker is seen as the independent and impartial representative of the assembly. When a new parliamentary assembly forms, the first action to take is voting in the speaker through a secret ballot method. The speaker is the sworn in and acts as the speaker of the house until his or her periods ends where another speaker is elected. A speaker is mandated to many roles and they are discussed in the passage below. 

The first role of a speaker is maintaining order in the parliamentary house. When members of the legislature meet to discuss and come up with solutions to problems affecting the country, they usually have debates. People are always entitled to different opinions hence there might be misunderstandings and coalitions by various groups in the parliament hence causing creating commotion. The speaker is responsible for keeping order and maintaining silence in the house so that everyone's opinion be heard and all matters are attended hence providing solutions to national problems.Read more on dennis bonnen texas house.

The second main role of the speaker is representing the house. When attending state functions and legislative international conferences, the speaker is the one to represent the parliamentary house. He or she takes part in all debates and discussions hence representing your country as well. When foreign legislative speakers also visit the country, the speaker is responsible for hosting them and showing them around hence making them feel comfortable. The speaker can also attend to other formal occasions and international parliamentary gatherings.

The third major role of the speaker is putting matters to vote and announcing the results of the vote. There might be critical national issues that the legislative house must decide on its solutions. Different parliamentary members often have different opinions when it comes to such matters. The speaker, therefore, decides that voting should take place to see the majority supporters. After voting, the votes are counted and the results announced to the house by the speaker.Click on this link for more details https://www.dennisbonnen.com.

The other role of a speaker is responsible for communication in the house. It is the work of a speaker to convey any messages and other information relevant to the parliamentary house. The speaker also addresses the issue of the house to the governing council. This shows that he or she is the face of the legislative house. The speaker is also given the mandate to uphold the rights and privileges of the members of the house. To conclude, the points discussed above are some of the key roles of a speaker in the legislative council.

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